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Company history

The P.H.U. Fargo company has been operating since 1997. We set the standards for cleaning companies. We offer solutions tailored to individual needs and wishes of customers. We are characterized by efficiency and flexibility.
Thanks to our focus on continuous development, we are able to develop new methods that affect the quality of provided services. All this also contributes to minimizing negative environmental impacts. We adapt cleaning technology, equipment and properly selected chemicals to the task entrusted to us.
Nearly two decades of experience result in that we possess a rich portfolio, which includes many well-known companies from all over Poland. Our clients include office, industrial, and commercial companies, public utility entities, individual clients, and the health care.
We are based in Nowy Sącz, but we provide services throughout the country. We clean office, industrial, and commercial facilities, as well as handle services for individual clients. Our qualified staff, fast pace of implementation, and competitive prices are the main features that distinguish us from other companies. We provide services around the clock, adjusting to the client’s working hours. We are open to customer wishes and suggestions. We also provide additional services within the scope of possessed rights.


We want to constantly grow to be able to offer our clients real high class services. That is why we focus on staff training and continuous development. Our equipment possesses all necessary certificates and inspections. We are constantly expanding our offer with new machines. Properly selected specialized equipment and chemical agents constitute the beginning of success. We provide professional advice in case of precariousness related to doubts concerning the selection of proper cleaning techniques or the selection of cleaning agents. All in keeping with the client’s comments and suggestions. The qualified staff will ensure that these assumptions are met.


Providing the highest level of services is our motto. We provide professional terrain security in accordance with health and safety regulations, as well as valid civil liability and accident insurance. We possess a qualified staff, and our work does not interfere with ongoing activities within the facilities in which we provide our services. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about the comfort of work when our cleaning team arrives. We aim to provide services at a competitive price and a reasonable time, while maintaining absolute professionalism in terms of the offered services. You can be sure that we use only high-class cleaning agents.


large buildings – high altitude works


facilities – full care for cleanliness


only 24 hours to take action


we are available all time


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We provide all our services around the clock, adjusting to the client’s working hours, breaks, or building opening hours. We are open to suggestions in this regard. We work so as not to disturb the normal functioning of the building.