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Comprehensive solutions


Work at heights

We offer works carried out at heights, such as washing windows, elevations, facades, and advertisements. All services are carried out using an ecological technique, which does not cause streaks or smudges. We clean windows and facades using specialized mountaineering techniques. We also install bird nets and spikes. Our offer also includes services in the field of working at height.

We maintain and paint various surfaces, such as chimneys and grates. We also renew all structural elements, as well as seal and replace sockets. We also replace broken glass and windows. Headlight and lighting cleaning. Inspection and cleaning of walls and interiors of tanks.

We offer a range of services, including cleaning interiors. Our experienced staff will clean warehouses and halls using professional machines that ensure accuracy. We also undertake floor cleaning and maintenance. We provide the highest standard of services, we are characterized by flexibility and individual approach to customer needs.
– cleaning warehouses and halls using professional machines
– cleaning and maintenance of industrial floors, including concrete, epoxy (garages, warehouses, etc.)
– cleaning (stripping) and protecting hard floors: marble, PVC, stoneware tiles, epoxy floors, etc.
– cleaning carpets, rugs with the extraction method
– cleaning car upholstery
– cleaning furniture upholstery: chairs, sofas, couches, seating, etc.
– cleaning and maintenance of paving stones

  • – comprehensive cleaning after renovation and construction works
    – washing, cleaning, maintenance, disinfection, and impregnation of windows, elevations, facades, and vertical surfaces
    – washing, cleaning, maintenance, disinfection, and impregnation of industrial, hotel, and office floor coverings
    – washing, cleaning, maintenance, disinfection, and impregnation of armchairs and chairs (in conference and lecture halls etc.)
    – washing, cleaning, maintenance, disinfection, and impregnation of car upholstery
    – washing, cleaning, maintenance, disinfection, and impregnation of living room sets
    – washing, cleaning, maintenance, disinfection, and impregnation of hotel beds and others

Snow removal

We offer comprehensive snow removal for both public utility areas, such as sports fields, parking lots, and pavements. We are also not afraid of clearing snow at heights. We offer our services to private clients as well as to housing estates and public institutions. Thanks to our services, your surroundings will be free from snowdrifts. Timely and reliable – that’s our motto.
We offer snow removal for flat and sloping roofs, using specialized equipment. It ensures high quality of services without the risk of roof damage. We remove snow from both flat and steep roofing. Our offer includes also removing icicles, which can be a threat to people walking below and parked cars.


Washing, maintenance, disinfection, impregnation

We clean rugs and carpets efficiently and comprehensively without overly soaking. Our experience allows us to serve thousands of customers and thousands of square meters of cleaned and dried carpets every year. We use the extraction method in the process of cleaning carpets and rugs. Additional services also include carpeting and shortening. We clean both synthetic and woolen rugs.
Our offer includes the extraction method of cleaning carpets and rugs, as well as anti-allergic cleaning. We also clean wool rugs. After cleaning, we will impregnate carpets and rugs to extend their resistance to dirt. We always adapt cleaning techniques to customer requirements and needs.



Since 1997, P.H.U. Fargo has been setting standards in cleaning services, offering effective and flexible solutions based on the individual needs and wishes of customers. We are constantly developing new methods that help improve the service and minimize any negative effects on the environment.
We offer a combination of proper cleaning techniques with specialized equipment and correctly selected chemicals.



We provide services around the clock, adjusting to client’s working hours/breaks or building opening hours. The FARGO company will perform all additional services within the scope of its rights, remaining open to the wishes and suggestions of our clients.


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We provide all our services around the clock, adjusting to the client’s working hours, breaks, or building opening hours. We are open to suggestions in this regard. We work so as not to disturb the normal functioning of the building.